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House Clearing & Blessing

Whether you are moving into a new home or you have lived in your present home for quite some time - the energy in your home determines your happiness, your financial success, and your health & wellness. Just like you clean the dust from your home, it is important to clear out the stagnant energy from your home.


This Clearing and Blessing also identifies and removes any foreign entity taking up space without your permission. This means ghosts or entities. It's ok for relatives who have crossed over to visit but you certainly don't need discarnate energies lurking around disturbing your peace and tranquility.


A Home Clearing & Blessing will encourage these ghosts to cross into the light. Even low vibrational energy that has accumulated in the form of sadness; anxiety; fear; etc. can make you think these are your personal feelings when in reality they don't belong to you.


The clearing is done remotely at a designated date and time and an Mp3 recording of the work will be sent to you along with instructions to keep your home's vibration elevated - $25.00 restrictions do apply.

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