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Are You Suffering From Empath Overload?

Clear Stuck Energy

Gain Clarity On Your Path & Purpose

Connect With Your Spiritual Team

As an Empath, you sense subtle energies emotions and physical symptoms from people, places... even objects. This high sensitivity is a blessing, providing you with insight and an ability to connect with and heal other beings that few people have.

Unfortunately, that same sensitivity can feel like a curse when incoming sensory impressions overload your system. Life brings frequent tiggers and traumas an, unless you have tools to regularly clear your field of heavy, dense energies, you can experience what I call Empath Overload.

Empath Overlod can be devastating. Because your enery affects every aspect of your life, Empath Overload can drain your energy, disrupt your grounding, depress your mood, decrease your ability to focus, and strain your relationships. When this happens, you need a way to clear stuck energy re-establish boundaries, and shield yourself from undesirable influences so that you can recharge.

I call this Energy Alchemy.

Feel Better Now

Meet Donna, The Energy Alchemist

Donna Schmid.png
Feel Better Now

As an Empath, I know what it's like to struggle with sensory overload.

After a near-death experience in my early 20's, I desperately needed advanced tools and practices for cleansing and restoring my energy field. Finding these tools and how best to use them took decades and included Shamanism, Reiki, various bodywork modalities, NLP, past-life regression and reading the Akashic records. I developed a strong spiritual connection with my personal guides and teachers as well as the Angelic, and Elohim Realms of Master Teachers.

This was a time of spiritual awakening, during which my psychic ability matured and developed into Mediumship and Channeling, and Energy Alchemy was unveiled as my gift to humanity. My ability to interpret energy is to be used to assist struggling Empaths to awaken to their spiritual calling and fulfill the purpose of their incarnation.

Our collective light is needed on this earth plane at this time of great transition. I look forward to helping you access the higher realms so you can transform any limiting thoughts, behaviors, and patterns into ways of being that feel expansive, compassionate, and blissful.

Donna Schmid.png

Meet Your Energy Alchemist

I work with the energy healers whose lifework is helping others. If you need to keep your vibration high and pure to best serve your clients, I'm here to help. I work with the Angels and Master Teachers who, along with Divine Source, provide clarity, wisdom and guidance. 

Having had a near-death experience before I was 20 years old, I’ve long had a connection with other energy realms. I can promise that, once you connect with those realms and build your own spiritual support team, your awareness of opportunities—and your capacity for manifesting those opportunities as part of your day-to-day reality—increases exponentially.

My ability to read energy comes from a soul connection with both the Angelic and Elohim Realm of Master Teachers. Whether you need an energetic reset or sustained support, I can guide you while you provide healing energetic assistance to others.

Darren Hancock.png

“Donna’s commitment to quality work and change for people that she works with is unprecedented. Without a doubt or any reservation I recommended a close friend to her from Canada. I trust her implicitly and know that she would move heaven and earth to affect the greatest change in her clients.”

Darren Hancock, CH, MNLP, CI, Alberta Canada

Palm Reading

Sometimes All You Have To Do Is
Just Breathe

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