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Back to Center

Remember a time when you felt balanced? A time when you felt like you were on top of the world, almost like everything that made your heart sing was right in front of you. I’m sure you can recall a memory where your heart was bursting with happiness. And then…

A car cuts you off on the way to work, and BAM all of that love for your life just leaks right out of you, replaced by finger gestures and obscene language!

Getting back to Center is far from your internal thoughts of ripping the skin right off that moron’s scalp. Then, to make matters worse, that dick-head’s shadow follows you around all day – to the bank; to the grocery store; to the parking lot of work; lunch; picking the kids up; dinner; and into your dream state!

So, how do you get back to Center? The place where only calm, peaceful, and serene feelings are present? An “attitude adjustment” definitely would help. Maybe even a “time-out” from the shadow rage that’s brewing in your belly. How about pulling the plug and flushing out what’s really bothering you?

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

It is difficult to get back to Center when you are at the same level of consciousness that created the chaos. If you pull the plug on the problem, flush it out – it is much easier to get back to Center.

Here’s a quick tip.

1. In your mind’s eye, replay the entire scene from start to finish in full living color. Yes, even your crazy rants and finger gestures.

2. Next, replay the scene again, but you are going to replay from the end all the way to the beginning and in black and white.

3. Now, carefully shrink the scene down by placing your left hand at the beginning and your right hand at the end – like bookmarkers. Slowly, bring your hands together and as you do the scene collapses together. Place the collapsed scene into a small ball.

4. Throw the ball out into the universe and see it shrink as it goes farther and farther away, becoming a small speck and then WHOOSH blows up!

5. Finally, place your hands over your heart – breathe deeply and mentally realize that you are now free to be centered, balanced, and filled with as much peace as you can hold.

Now you can go on with your day – back to center!

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