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Soul Whisperer

A Soul Whisperer connects and communicates with the energy of your Soul. They feel your emotions and intuitively hear what you're not talking about while scanning for energy blocks. Your Spiritual Team downloads the actions necessary to the Whisperer to help restore balance and harmony to your entire being.

Proven Systems Which Help You

*Make Better Choices & Decisions

*Be a Better Friend & Parent

*Improve Professional Relationships

Restore Harmony & Balance

Are You Suffering From Chronic Sensory Overload?

Life brings frequent triggers and traumas and, unless you have tools to regularly clear your field of heavy, dense energies, you can experience what is known as Chronic Sensory Overload.

Chronic Sensory Overload can be devastating because your energy affects every aspect of your life. When your senses are on overload it can drain your energy (fatigue); disrupt your grounding (foggy brain); not to mention -  depress your mood, decrease your ability to focus, and strain your relationships.

When this happens, you need a way to clear stuck energy, re-establish boundaries, and shield yourself from undesirable influences and unmanageable chaos so that you can recharge your system. Plus, you want to know how to energetically STOP the patterns from repeating over and over.

A Soul Whisperer seeks the cause of the disruption at the energetic level it was created, retrieves how it originated (so you understand how it developed), and shifts the energy to achieve the balance you desire. From this energetic place, your being reboots, (just like a computer) and deletes old programming potentially keeping you stuck in a revolving pattern of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you.  It's like getting an upgrade and plugging into high-speed internet. 

Energetically Stuck

Emotionally & Mentally Exhausted

Toxic Old Beliefs and Patterns

Meet Donna, The Soul Whisperer

I know what it's like to struggle with Chronic Sensory Overload

After a near-death experience in my early 20's, I desperately needed advanced tools and practices for cleansing and restoring my energy field. Finding these tools and how best to use them took decades and my search led me to discover how to assist others through Massage Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki, various bodywork modalities, NLP, past-life regression, hypnotherapy, and Quantum Healing, (facilitating your body's innate healing process.)


Yet, it wasn't until I realized my life purpose as a teacher and healer was dependent upon my accepting my abilities as a psychic medium and channeler. Once I surrendered, my path quickly shifted and with the help of my guides, master teachers and angelic beings, I quickly began to cleanse old programs, outdated beliefs, and transitioned unhealthy relationships that I finally experienced being grounded in my personal energy, more resourceful, and excited once again about life and all it had to offer!

When you feel stuck and limited by life's stressors, an Energy Cleansing session can effectively remove any blockages.

  • Release stagnant and stuck energy, emotional blockages, and unhealthy patterns.

  • Elevate your spiritual self-defense and clear your path so you can move forward on your soul path with confidence.

  • Stabilize healthy boundaries to keep those pesky "Energy Vampires" at bay.

  • Clear karma and past-life contracts that may be unknowingly hindering you in the present.


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What Can You Expect From An

Energy Therapy Session?

Each session is unique and may involve modalities from Star Magic Healing, Shamanism, Reiki, Mediumship, Channeling, and past life exploration. Clients express sessions are comforting, calming, and soothing.

I use a range of modalities to guide you from where you presently are and, using a language you can understand, translate what your spiritual guides and teachers want to share about your situation.


During your "Feel Better Now" Free Consult Call", (which lasts ~30 to 45 minutes and is held over the phone or on Zoom), we will specifically design your Session to focus on what is keeping you submerged in "sensory overload". Armed with this information your Energy Therapy Session can now  be scheduled.

Cleansing energetic blocks can stimulate the body's inherent ability to heal itself.

When you feel stuck and limited, an Energy Therapy Session can release the blocks so your energy can flow.


Energy Therapy Sessions can release toxic emotions, balance energetic states, and remove inherited programs from past lives and family DNA.


Energy Therapy Sessions enable you to maintain a positive outlook and experience an inner sense of peace, so you can enjoy all that life has to offer.


How It Works

1. Schedule a Free "Feel Better Now" Discovery Call
2. Together we will design a plan to
clear what is keeping you in "Chronic Sensory Overload"
3. Schedule your "Energy Therapy Session" where you can be comfortable in a meditative state to receive the therapy for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards, you will receive a recording of your session highlights and "coaching" support as you transition into the new energy field.

Testimonials from Clients

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“Donna’s commitment to quality work and change for people that she works with is unprecedented. Without a doubt or any reservation I recommended a close friend to her from Canada. I trust her implicitly and know that she would move heaven and earth to affect the greatest change in her clients.”

Darren Hancock, CH, MNLP, CI, Alberta Canada

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