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What Brings You Here Today?

If you feel called to energy healing, then you're likely working with clients who are struggling, stuck, or confused. To best serve them, you need to remain connected to your Divine Source. 

You'll also benefit from techniques that will help you keep low vibrational energy from disrupting your peace and tranquility, while you do the healing work you were called to do.

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Energy Alchemy

Energy Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.

It transmutes stagnant energy in the form of old belief patterns, limiting decisions and low vibrational emotions. Spiritual Alchemy uses ancient and modern healing tools to cleanse your body, mind and spirit so you can embody more of your higher self (your spiritual essence incarnated in this lifetime). This process helps you to raise your energetic vibration, builds a strong auric field to repel lower vibrational energy and attunes you to your Soul’s inner guidance allowing your inner radiance and light to shine through.

What Does An Energy Alchemy Session Look Like?

We’ll first have a free Discovery Call. If we feel a connection and choose to work together energetically then we’ll schedule your first Spiritual Alchemy Session. Each session is unique and may involve modalities across a spectrum of backgrounds, including Shamanism, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Bodywork. This allows me to meet my clients where they’re at and using a language they can understand, translate what spirit wants to share about their situation. Sessions last approximately 60 minutes and are held over the phone or Zoom.

Benefits of Working With an Energy Alchemist

An Energy Alchemist works with Source Consciousness. You are not working with one guide or teacher but with an infinite number of Master Teachers from Higher Realms and Dimensions.

Energy Alchemy not only works with the present energy but also works through the family lineage and past lives transforming past as well as future. You will be working to clear karma, rescind invalid spiritual contracts for yourself but also for your entire familial heritage. Talk about doing some really deep cleaning!

Donna opens your access to higher realms guiding you to transform limiting thoughts, behaviors and patterns into ways of being that feel expansive, compassionate, and blissful. Through the process, you will develop a relationship with your own spiritual support team.

Spiritual Alchemy will put you on the fast track with spiritual enlightenment and frees you to experience your soul purpose to its highest potential.

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Energy Clearing

This session helps you release stagnant and stuck energy, emotional blockages, and unhealthy patterns. Ramp up your spiritual self defense and raise your healing vibration to move forward on your journey and best serve the purpose of your incarnation.

Abundance Alignment

Align yourself with the energy patterns of prosperity to achieve optimal outcomes for your clients and your business. This session will help you activate prosperity channels and master your ability to communicate with clients prior to their session.

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Connect With Your Spiritual Team

When you work with clients whose energy field is at a low vibration, keeping a strong connection with your own spirit guides is vital. I'll guide you to connect with your spiritual team, so that you can keep your energy field clear and strong. Then, you can joyfully hold that field for your clients without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or discouraged.

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Meet Your Energy Alchemist

I work with the energy healers whose lifework is helping others. If you need to keep your vibration high and pure to best serve your clients, I'm here to help. I work with the Angels and Master Teachers who, along with Divine Source, provide clarity, wisdom and guidance. 

Having had a near-death experience before I was 20 years old, I’ve long had a connection with other energy realms. I can promise that, once you connect with those realms and build your own spiritual support team, your awareness of opportunities—and your capacity for manifesting those opportunities as part of your day-to-day reality—increases exponentially.

My ability to read energy comes from a soul connection with both the Angelic and Elohim Realm of Master Teachers. Whether you need an energetic reset or sustained support, I can guide you while you provide healing energetic assistance to others.

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“Donna’s commitment to quality work and change for people that she works with is unprecedented. Without a doubt or any reservation I recommended a close friend to her from Canada. I trust her implicitly and know that she would move heaven and earth to affect the greatest change in her clients.”

Darren Hancock, CH, MNLP, CI, Alberta Canada

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