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Go With the Flow

Why is it that the holidays can go from "merry" to "miserable?", my client tearfully asked.

That's a loaded question that could lead to a number of possible reasons why. Yet, I tend to look for the underlying catalyst that is capable of going from something pleasant to something downright Grinch Festive.

The hard fact is, the holidays go to the very core of what we expect. The bottom line is we go back to the 1st Christmas we ever experienced. If it was great, we tend to have pleasant memories BUT if it wasn't, then it was unpleasant. Every holiday festivity is linked to the 1st Christmas and every other Christmas after, whether it was great or not. They build upon each other - all the memories - all the feelings - all the... get piled on top of each other.

Along with these memories come all the "triggers" that sparked the great and unpleasant experiences. For some, making holiday treats are a great "trigger" for a pleasant memory. Think of something you enjoy - maybe listening to Christmas songs; driving through the neighborhood to see all the holiday decorations. We all have our favorites and we all have ones that we choose to not repeat.

When the "stress" of the holidays starts to trigger you, Go With the Flow. This means go back to what is great to you about the holidays - if it is baking - do it; if it is going to see all the holiday lights - do it; if it is singing those holiday songs - do it! Go With the Flow with what makes your holiday cheer drown out those unpleasant triggers!

On my walk in my favorite park with my hubby, we saw this little tree that somebody took the time to cheerfully decorate. This little tree was so proud to spread some holiday cheer to all those that past by on the trail. Definitely reminded me of Going With the Flow! FA LA LA LA LA - LA LA LA LA!


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