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When you think of the word "metamorphosis", a butterfly usually comes to mind. It is an abrupt change in the biological process of the structure of the body.

We can also describe our "spiritual" metamorphosis as a shift or change. But, is it an accurate depiction of a biological change?

It might not be as profound a change in the structure of the body to warrant defining it as a "metamorphosis", or is it? For example, women have been known to drastically change the appearance of their hair after a shift in their identity. A new hairstyle that includes a major cut is a bold move because it takes some time for the hair to "grow back." Changing the style of clothing has a direct effect on a person. A decision to eat healthily, exercise more, drink more water can produce changes in the biological appearance of a person.

What about cellular biological changes? An energy healing can have a profound effect on the central nervous system as old beliefs, negative emotions and unproductive states of mind unravel and dissolve. What triggers a human metamorphosis? Conscious awakening. The realization of changing who you are and becoming the person you want to be. There are so many things people want to do in their lives... yet something is holding you back.

After my clients go through a healing session, it doesn't take long for them to experience their own metamorphosis. Sometimes it can be instantaneous - sometimes it can take a few days even a few weeks but it does happen. This is why I stay in touch for several days after their sessions because unlike the pupa in the cocoon transitioning into the butterfly, my clients can lose faith in the process and go back to what is familiar - the egg stage of metamorphisis OR back to the beginning - let's do it again and see if we get a different result. UGH!,

Shifting or transforming from the ego brain to the heart-brain (true transformation) can be unsettling. I tell my clients they have to spend some time in the "pupa" stage (cocoon) while they are transforming into that beautiful butterfly. The ego brain wants to bust out of the cocoon and becomes very restless and de-pressed (not in the clinical sense) because we want to experience the joy, happiness, and exhilaration of becoming the butterfly or, in this case, the person you want to be.

The "secret" to any transformation is patience. (Listen, I have very little of that myself!) However be that as it may, let me simplify the perceived torture. There are things that are important to do while you are waiting.

  1. Learn all you can about "flying". Translation: Get grounded! Walk, hike, ride a bike, sit by water (river, ocean, lake, brook) in nature. Mother Earth is a perfect example of patience. Look at a tree and tell me how old do you think it is? It stands there in the forest for hundreds of years - talk about patience.

  2. Read a spiritual book, watch a YouTube video related to spirituality. Fill your spiritual self with information that will enhance your breakthrough.

  3. Start some new habits that will align with the new wings that are forming. Journal at the same time each day with your spiritual team. Ask a question, wait for an answer, write it down - keep going until a strong communication develops. These are your new best friends, the ones you always wanted. The ones that truly have your back and have been waiting a long time to develop a connection with you.

Each time you transform (yes, there will be more) you will recognize the "pupa" stage of cocooning and know that your "biological" and "spiritual" self is going through an upgrade and time for you to "mentally" prepare. Your energetic vibration is about to shift and when you have this conscious awareness of what is really taking place then resting in the cocoon will become a welcomed vacation. Enjoy the impending metamorphosis and if you need assistance, let me know! - I'm here!

If you are ready for an "upgrade" - let's do a "discovery call". You will have an opportunity to experience how an upgrade can help you to become the person you want to be!


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